Essex County Sheriff’s Office gets a Humvee

LEWIS – Through the auspices of the 1033 Excess Military Program, the Essex County Sheriff’s Office was able to obtain a used military Humvee vehicle, which was recently put into service.

After the flooding of Hurricane Irene in 2011, the sheriff’s office utilized the services of the Defense Reutilization Offices and state Division of Criminal Justice Services to bring a surplus Humvee to Essex County for backcountry and flooding rescue efforts to be better prepared for future disasters.

This vehicle was declared surplus by the military and is on indefinite loan to the sheriff’s office. The vehicle first went to BOCES in Mineville for servicing and body work then to the Essex County Highway Department for installation of emergency lights and a paint job.

All work so far has been done utilizing asset forfeiture monies received from criminal enterprises such as drug deals.

The Excess Military Program has been responsible for providing equipment and vehicles to police agencies state-wide for a number of years. Under this program, police can obtain aircraft, rescue vehicles, weaponry and equipment on a loan basis. Basically, anything that can be justified for police and public safety use can be requested.

Essex County Sheriff Richard Cutting reports that the police are one of the first agencies to respond during natural disasters and having this Humvee will better enable them to travel in hazardous conditions to better serve residents. The Humvee is a four-wheel-drive vehicle suited for high water and/or deep snow. This vehicle will allow us to get in and out of areas helping evacuations when necessary.

“We are very fortunate to have a vehicle of this caliber in preparation of possible future disasters at a very minimal cost to the tax payers of Essex County, especially after the suffering my towns’ people went through during Irene and the rescues that took place,” Board of Supervisors Chairman Randy Douglas said. “I applaud the Sheriff for his foresight.”