Town pushed out airport cafe

To the editor:

I would like to thank Lisa’s Airport Cafe for the four years of dedicated service they provided at the Saranac Lake airport. As of Tuesday, March 19, the business is no longer operating, at the request of the town of Harrietstown. I was surprised a four-year-old business that was still being successfully operated would be given the boot. For me this appears to be more small-town evidence of politics driving decisions. In a healthy environment, negotiations would precede such a decision. I can only guess that someone’s relative wants a shot at the business. Time will tell if we can still get a reasonable meal in a comfortable environment. Kudos to Lisa and her family for operating as long as she did and employing members of her family to accomplish it. These are difficult economic times. New businesses fail at an alarming rate. Time will tell.

Bill Martin

Saranac Lake