Glad judge denied plaintiffs’ court request

To the editor:

Since the Article 78 lawsuit was filed against the Adirondack Park Agency one year ago by Protect the Adirondacks, Sierra Club, Thompson and Harrison, regarding the Adirondack Club permit, people throughout the Adirondack Park felt that the plaintiffs’ actions were frivolous and selfishly driven. So it was rewarding to see that Supreme Court Judge Platkin had similar feelings in his ruling issued last Thursday. Even some of the plaintiffs’ members have questioned whether their dollars are being wasted on something so frivolous.

It was also fulfilling that much of what Judge Platkin wrote could be viewed as a certain degree of chastising of the plaintiffs: stating that “the untailored and excessively broad nature of the (plaintiffs’) disclosure request, and the substantial delay, expense and other burdens attendant to the requested disclosure, considerations of reason and good sense compel the denial of this motion.” In other words, your actions have no merit.

But don’t let it surprise any of us that while Tupper Lake and the surrounding region suffer greater economic difficulties at the hands of Protect and the Sierra Club, they will argue that they have the best interest of the Park and its people, and will look at appealing the decision or taking a different tact. What they attempt to prove through the numerous lawsuits they enjoy filing only shows that they have no interest in building common ground for the entire Park ecosystem. They lack credibility, so they attempt to use the court system to bully their philosophical positions onto the very agency responsible for Park oversight. The actions of these groups, and their supporting members, have shown their selfish motives have nothing to do with the environment and will continue to further divide the interests of the Adirondack Park.

Jim LaValley

Chairman, ARISE

Tupper Lake