Thinking of soldiers

To the editor:

We would like to thank all the people in the Saranac Lake area for their donations for our Care Packages for Soldiers.

We have a very, very big thank-you to Shirley Hosler and all of her hard work in gathering the things that we need for our packages. Shirley always fills the back of a van when we have someone pick it up. She is a vary caring person, and we couldn’t send so many packages without her help.

We just sent out 170 packages to Afghanistan. This shipment made it 4,029 packages since we started in fall of 2007. This is really a milestone, and we have done it because of people like you and Shirley.

We also want to thank the Enterprise for running ads, being a drop-off place and for the publicity you have given us.

May God bless all of you.


Grace Gates, chairman

Care Packages for Soldiers