Put beach back on Lake Flower

To the editor:

Believe, and anything is possible.

There is no good reason why the Lake Flower beach should not be brought back to where it originated.

What good has come from moving Lake Flower beach and demolishing all the taxpaying businesses in the 1970s?

What good is a dangerous four-lane highway that is now a three-lane with a suicide lane?

People who want to sit in the park won’t because there is too much danger trying to cross the road.

Last I know, the village taxpayers were paying for that park, in all its perpetuity. What a shame taxpayers cannot enjoy it, only to a small degree, launching boats.

Years ago the state found that we were losing money at the Lake Colby beach.

Location, floating sewage, really cold water, etc., are a few of the issues.

Lake Flower water is constantly moving, recycling itself every 30 minutes. Lake Flower beach was always busy. It was not unusual for families with children to book rooms in all the motels by the lake.

The kids would go to the beach, and their parents would walk into town and shop, then come back to the beach and pick the kids up. The location for the beach was so good, neighboring families would walk to the beach. I never remember parking as an issue.

And as far as beach property being gone, get rid of the ugly four fly-by lanes and put back the two lanes!

The other two lanes on the water side are the beach property!

I would love to see the state boat launch gone. There was a time when we launched boats all over the river.

Doesn’t the state own enough land? They gain, we lose! Oh yes, the big shots got their grass and trees, put a huge dent in our tax base, took our quality of life away! But BELIEVE that nothing ever stays the same.

Considering all the businesses we have lost through the years, maybe we should make something a reality before we say it has failed!

Bring back Lake Flower beach! Bring back our two lanes on River Street so the community can enjoy the park again. It was never meant to be a wildlife habitat!


Darlene Ryan

Saranac Lake