Let’s look on the positive side

To the editor:

Despite all the controversy going on with the railroad, I feel confident that we’re going to have another excellent year on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad, passenger-wise.

Also, it’s been a huge difference skiing on Lookout Mountain having snowmaking on Hoyt’s High.

It saves people from having to double-lift to get to Lookout Mountain, and the only route getting down to the Lookout Mountain triple, up until the this ski season, was to ski Lookout Below that went through a river at the bottom.

This year’s ski season is doing a lot better than what was last year.

Last year at this time, the ski season sadly came to an early end due the summer-like weather in March, and it didn’t get cold until April, which was a bust.

I learned that the weather up here in the Adirondacks is very unpredictable in the spring and in the fall.

One day it can be very cold, and the next day can be very warm, and you never know what Mother Nature will bring us.

John Fitzgerald

Lake Clear