Tupper planning board sets hearing for seven-lot subdivision

TUPPER LAKE – The planning board has set a hearing for a seven-lot subdivision project.

Nick Brunette owns 23 acres of land off Tamarac Drive, and he’s looking to subdivide it into seven lots, ranging from 1.24 to 5.11 acres. He’s calling the project the Bend Subdivision.

Brunette submitted detailed grading, drainage and stormwater plans with his application. Planning board member Jim Ellis, who chaired Wednesday’s meeting in the absence of Chairman Jim Larkin, congratulated Brunette on a good application.

“I thought it was well done,” Ellis said. “You did a great job with it, Nick.”

Brunette said this was his first time doing something like this.

“I did a lot on the front end to avoid a lot of back and forth on this end,” Brunette said.

He bought the land in 2011, according to a deed submitted to the planning board with his application materials. Brunette grew up in Tupper Lake but was a Saranac Lake resident when he bought the land.

The plan includes Brunette constructing about 1,860 feet of road, which he then plans to give to the town. Any road built to convey to the town must be built to town specifications. Brunette said he has already walked the area with town Highway Superintendent Bill Dechene and spoken with town Supervisor Roger Amell about it.

Brunette said he has submitted his application to the state Adirondack Park Agency. He got back one notice of incomplete application, submitted all the material he was asked for in that letter, and is now waiting for that to be processed. He expects to hear back about it by Monday.

“It was mostly minor stuff,” Brunette said. “The first go-around was relatively painless, so I’m anticipating not much more.”

Three of the lots are next to land owned by the Oval Wood Dish Corporation Liquidating Trust that are planned for part of the Adirondack Club and Resort.

Planning board member Bob Collier asked what the ACR’s plans are for that part of the property. Brunette said he wasn’t sure exactly what is planned for that area of the large-scale development project. Board members agreed that part of it is expected to be developed in later phases of the project’s anticipated 15-year buildout.

Collier also asked about Brunette’s signage plan, which restricts all signs to wood. Collier said that, as a member of the local rescue squad, he likes to see houses posted with bright, reflective signs so emergency crews can find them easily. Brunette said he included the wooden signs so they would be unobtrusive and APA-friendly.

Jim Merrihew, who was appointed this month to the planning board, asked if Brunette expects the APA to ask for the number of lots to be reduced. Brunette said he doesn’t. He said that mathematically, he could put 17 lots on the site, but that wouldn’t work with the topography of the land.

Merrihew asked if Brunette plans to include any language in the deed that would restrict future subdivisions. Brunette said he hadn’t thought about it and intends to keep the lots the size he’s planning now, but he will consider adding such deed restrictions. Merrihew said that if that’s the plan, it might be a good idea to spell it out.

Ron LaScala suggested that some people prefer to buy lots with deed restrictions because they will know what the plan is for the neighborhood they are buying in to.

The planning board decided to hold a hearing on the project at the beginning of their next meeting, which would normally be held at 7 p.m. the fourth Wednesday of the month, April 24.

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