Mayor insults his area

To the editor:

Re: statement by Saranac Lake Mayor Clyde Rabideau on his Facebook page Tuesday: “I’m sick and tired of red-herrings (distractions) being tossed in our pathway. The proposal to offer a sleeper-car ride from NYC to Lake Placid is just such a red herring. After-all, trains can only go 10 mph over the tracks right now and there is no market for such a slow train to Timbuktu (a place also in Lake Placid’s township.) So the notion remains without merit given the condition of tracks and $50 million needed to bring them up to the standards required for a 6 hour sleeper car ride from Gotham to Placid.”

TIMBUKTU?! The honorable mayor of Saranac Lake refers to his town TIMBUKTU and rolls Lake Placid into it. The worthless Adirondacks that we the taxpayers have spent untold millions on preserving for posterity because no one in the asphalt jungle will know or care what the lush green earth ever was. Who the H would want to come here? Keep the backwater as it is. Don’t spend another cent to share it with the generation that paid to preserve it. They have no idea what it is or why they paid for it. TIMBUKTU – an embarrassing debacle ending up as a backwater and a mayor who wants no part of a red herring to add to it. OMG! You are making me crrryyyy.

Chiprle Mecklenburg

Tupper Lake