Rails, trails, etc. …

To the editor:

There is so much being said we are all getting tired of it. But the one thing that I can’t shake off is this: We have a workable existing infrastructure in place. Why would we not want to use it for the benefit of all? When it is open all the way, we can begin to ship fuel in and recyclables out, keeping all that potential hazard off the roads. Taking out the rails to build a trail simply limits us.

My question is: Why do we want to put all of our eggs and faith in the tourist market? What is wrong with some regular commerce like we have had in the past?

If we tear up the rails, we hurt ourselves forever. The trail next to them is going to be there in time. I think there are other motivations for taking out the rails: a complete return to nothing but wilderness, perhaps?

Rusty Russum

Saranac Lake