Colder winter leads to higher electric bills in Lake Placid

LAKE PLACID – Village Mayor Craig Randall says municipal electric customers received more expensive bills this winter because it was colder than the last, and many villagers use electric heat.

“It came to my attention from at least one or two of our electric utility customers that the electric bill that they got was dramatically larger last month,” Randall said. “The comment that I received from one of our community members was, ‘The least you could have done was forewarned us.’

“Well, it turns out that we had a colder winter. The bulk of the difference in the bill was not in the (Purchased Power Adjustment Charge), but in fact was just in the increased number of kilowatt hours that we all used.”

Randall said he reviewed his own electric bill, which was “substantially higher” than usual.

“We were colder this winter,” he said.

The mayor apologized to the community for not issuing a statement to customers to acknowledge the frigid temperatures and their impact on electric bills.

On an unrelated note, the village’s Municipal Electric Department announced this week that power will be turned off to delinquent customers effective April 15.

“If your power is discontinued, it will be necessary for you to make a payment of the current bill plus 25% of the arrears before power can be turned back on,” a statement on the village’s website reads.