Corporate aid

To the editor:

I recently heard someone remark that she was against U.S. foreign aid: “We have needy people here at home.” I was able to inform her that the money does indeed stay “at home,” in the pockets of our largest corporations. They love foreign aid in the budget.

We don’t give money to starving countries so that they might purchase food on the global market as they so choose. We send them grain and pay Big Agra businesses millions in profits. Nor do we give money to health-challenged nations so that they might purchase medicines on the global market. We rather send them medicines purchased from Big Pharma at a cost in excess of what would be charged on global markets, thus giving a huge subsidy to the pharmaceutical industry. We give billions in “foreign aid” to Israel and other militarized nations so that they can purchase our military hardware from the munitions industries.

Foreign aid is not about giving a hand to less fortunate nations; it is rather about lining the pockets of big corporations. Yes, nations do get the grain and the medicine, as well as the weapons for war, but the taxpayer’s money goes to the corporations. Eliminating foreign aid from the federal budget would not provide for our nation’s needy; it would limit the obscene profits of the powerful corporations which control the U.S. government. So foreign aid is certain to remain in the federal budget.

Bill Cooper