Clarifying a point in ‘God Debate’

To the editor:

Friday’s front page ran a story of the theistic vs. atheistic debate at Paul Smith’s College on Thursday evening. I presented the theistic argument and feel your article misrepresented a point I made by emphasizing the big bang theory. The quote attributed to me on the front page was made to drive home the point that everyone takes information on faith. We trust others to supply us with accurate information, so we don’t have to do the research ourselves.

Later in the article, I am quoted as saying atheists “make stuff up.” We all do this to fill in gaps in our knowledge. This statement was originally made earlier in my argument in connection with multi-verse theory, not the big bang theory. The big bang theory is accepted by many theists and atheists alike. My discussion of the multi-verse theory, which can be used to justify the existence of matter as well as the existence of God, was never cited in the article.

Point being, to justify the idea that the universe does exist by chance, atheists need to create ideas as farfetched as God. They need to “make stuff up.” Hence the multi-verse theory. I feel the article gave a good overall accounting of the debate; however, a main premise of my argument was not clearly conveyed.

Happy Easter!

Dylan Kirk

Student at Paul Smith’s College

Paul Smiths