Imagine rail travel

To the editor:

Think of transportation as circulation bringing life-giving blood to the areas it serves. If anyone went down Interstate 95 through Baltimore and D.C. during spring break, they would see atherosclerosis, narrowing of the arteries too dangerously close to a lethal stroke.

Picture the now-famous map of the only remaining viable train corridor that runs halfway through the Adirondacks to Lake Placid. Imagine the circulation from New York City and all the successive urban areas flowing into town, doing all the locals have to offer – bikes, hikes, boat tours, museums, chairlifts, golf, seaplane rides – and then flowing back.

Now picture the return of the tracks that stretched on to Montreal, and picture the Canadians flowing into town to do horseback, an artisan crawl, bird watching, photography, hunting, fishing, paddling the waterways, camping, B&Bs, hotel/motels, resorts, dining and more, and then flowing back. People who appreciate the pristine wilderness and the activities we have to offer.

Feel that life-giving economy coming back into our veins; breathe it in. Just imagine that we are worth the investment. Just imagine that we can be brought back to a better state of economic health. Just do.

Chiprle Mecklenberg

Tupper Lake