Mayor: No ill will on committee appointments

LAKE PLACID – Lake Placid village Mayor Craig Randall says his committee appointments – or the lack thereof for one trustee – have caused a small firestorm among village employees. He wants to set the record straight.

On Tuesday, the Enterprise reported that Randall “declined” to put new Trustee Scott Monroe on any committees. Randall said the Enterprise’s choice of wording caused some village workers to think he intentionally avoided naming Monroe to a committee. That wasn’t the case, Randall said.

The mayor said the village has a long list of committees that aren’t very active.

“We plug in names of people who have some interest,” Randall said. “I just adjust the names a little bit each year. Those (committees) have very little call, quite frankly. I wish they had more.”

The mayor did appoint Monroe to be an electric department commissioner at Monday’s annual meeting. Serving as a commissioner brings an additional stipend and more responsibility. Other trustees, like Jason Leon and Peter Holderied, were also given one commissioner appointment each.

“I’m fine with what I got as commissioner,” Monroe said. “I didn’t even know some of those committees existed. There’s a difference between being on a committee and being a commissioner.”

Monroe added that he, as well as the public, can attend Administrative Committee meetings without being a member.

“I’m just getting into it, and I’m getting my feet wet,” he said.

Randall said he did consider appointing Monroe as a police commissioner. Monroe was the village’s police chief for six years until August 2011, when he retired.

“His background is public safety, and wouldn’t I like to have him as a commissioner in that area of government?” Randall said. “The answer would be yes and no. All of a sudden you put your former boss in charge of your current chief. That wouldn’t work.”