Review the plan for the railroad corridor

To the editor:

The rhetoric around the subject of the Adirondack travel corridor will necessarily continue until the unit management plan (UMP) is reviewed and its best use is decided. The one point of agreement would have to be that, as it stands, the corridor is nearly useless.

In our family business on “the tracks,” the biggest change for our economy started nearly 50 years ago, when the service stopped and the snowmobilers no longer had to worry about where the train was. Now the longer snowmobile season without rails to cover, and the bicycle and hiking season, could be the next big thing.

Will we ever need the rails again? Probably not. Population in all counties on the corridor has dropped (;/content/Documents/File/153.pdf). More and more lands are sold out of commercial usefulness, and product distribution is no longer undertaken as it was when freights were used here. If there is a viable rail use, I’d like to hear from some businesses: tonnage estimates, carloads, how many busloads of passengers are there, and how many would switch to rail?

Let the democratic process prevail. Follow the many towns and villages and organizations, and insist on a review of the UMP.

Russell Thompson

Norridgewock III

Beaver River