Wilmington gas station will stay open a little longer

WILMINGTON – This community’s only gas station, originally scheduled to close on Tuesday, will remain open a little bit longer.

The gas pumps sport the Sunoco brand, and the convenience store is part of the Wilson Farms chain, owned by 7-Eleven Inc., based in Dallas, Texas. Margaret Chabris, director of corporate communications for 7-Eleven, told the Enterprise Thursday that Wilson Farms will “soon cease operations of its Wilmington location.

“However, we are delaying this beyond the planned April 9 date in an effort to help facilitate other options for this store and its employees,” she said.

Chabris didn’t provide any more information about the pending closure.

Some Wilmington residents are concerned about the loss of their only gas station. The closure will require motorists to drive 5 miles to Jay or 12 miles to Lake Placid to fill their tanks. Wilmington is home to about 1,250 people and is passed through by many tourists and travelers.

Wilmington town Supervisor Randy Preston said he thinks the closure is tied to an ongoing dispute over an unresolved fuel spill. He said he also thinks another gas station option could be in the works, but he doesn’t have any details on that at the moment.