Pounds to recount time in Afghanistan at Pendragon April 18

SARANAC LAKE – The Adirondack Center for Writing will welcome Ian Pounds, a man who has sailed around the world, homesteaded on a deserted Alaskan island and studied Elizabethan Literature.

More recently, Pounds spent four years (and counting) teaching orphans in Afghanistan.

He’ll present a creative monologue on April 18 at the Pendragon Theatre in Saranac Lake, including music, short video and striking images of his volunteer work in Kabul. Admission is $5 for general admission or free for students.

Pounds will recount the humorous and inspiring story of his solo journey to Afghanistan as a response to a splintered life, landing him as the only westerner in an orphanage in Kabul.

After four years teaching more than 300 boys and girls representative of all regions and races, Pounds gives unique insight to the people and the country of America’s longest conflict. Ultimately this is the tale of how, in living among children of war a man discovers how truly a land, its people and a broken heart can become Undestroyed.

This performance is sponsored in part by Adirondack Community Trust: Saranac Lake Public School Education Fund.