Schumer: Funds needed to fix 800 hazardous dams

ALBANY (AP) – U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer says there are more than 800 hazardous dams without adequate emergency plans in New York.

The Democrat says the dams are hazardous because they lack emergency plans if the structures break and there’s flooding. Schumer says the threat is often greatest during the spring thaw.

In all, he says 1,100 dams statewide are ranked high or significant hazards, but just about three-quarters lack adequate emergency plans.

Schumer is backing a bill to provide funding to improve dams and their waterways.

He said Thursday that western New York has 62 hazardous dams, the Albany area has 193, the Southern Tier has 157, the Finger Lakes area has 64, central New York has 102 and the North County has 180.