ER, urgent care or neither?

To the editor:

All of the folks in the surrounding area are concerned about the emergency room closure possibility. The articles I read in the papers leave me concerned and confused. An urgent care takes about 15 minutes and you are on your way, with a prescription in hand if necessary. Going to the ER is a nightmare. You may wait hours to be seen. When my doctor’s office is closed or my doctor is too busy to see me, I go to urgent care or to the Lake Placid ER where the wait is shorter, much shorter.

Now my confusion. There is already an urgent care in LP that pays property taxes, etc., as it is a business. If the LP ER converts to an urgent care, all sorts of problems arise, as LP is not large enough to support two urgent cares and one will have to close. If it is Adirondack Medical Center that closes, they are right back where they are now. If the privately owned one closes, you will lose taxes on it and AMC will eventually close theirs. There is already an internal med clinic and a surgery clinic in the LP hospital. It just doesn’t make any sense and makes a person wonder if there is animosity going on behind the scenes. I personally find the established urgent care to be excellent, as do many of my friends and family. For the most part there is no wait and no garbage.

Jon B. Bombard

Saranac Lake