Tortoise talk brings up the rear of college’s wildlife seminar series

PAUL SMITHS – A noted ecologist will round off this spring’s Fisheries and Wildlife Seminar Series this Friday at Paul Smith’s College.

Kenneth Nussear’s talk, starting at 10:10 a.m. in the Freer Auditorium, is titled “Conservation of the Threatened Desert Tortoise: a Multidisciplinary Approach.”

Nussear holds a doctorate in ecology, evolution and conservation biology from the University of Nevada and a bachelor’s in zoology from Colorado State University. He currently works for the U.S. Geological Service and focuses on the desert tortoise, a threatened species protected by the Endangered Species Act. Nussear’s talk will show several scientific approaches to developing sound conservation plans.

Nussear’s is the last Fisheries and Wildlife Seminar talk this spring, but the series will return in the fall. For the past six years, Paul Smith’s College has hosted a different professional fisheries and wildlife biologist each month as part of the series, which is sponsored by the Fisheries and Wildlife Science program.