NY shouldn’t invite more abortions

To the editor:

The Knights of Columbus Council 599 of Saranac Lake is strongly opposed to the proposed abortion expansion bill. Whether it is a stand-alone bill (like S.438, Stewart-Cousins), or pre-packaged in a so-called women’s rights agenda, it is a bill to increase and expand abortion in a state that currently leads the nation in abortions.

The proposal is no simple update to New York’s abortion laws, as proponents claim. It is a radical bill that would allow unlimited late-term abortions on demand, per the New York State Catholic Conference under the title “The Abortion Expansion Bill.” The bill would endanger the lives of women by allowing non-physicians to perform abortions. The bill would preclude any future reasonable regulations of abortion. The bill endangers the religious liberty of Catholic hospitals and other institutions.

This bill would “go well beyond Roe,” as stated by New York State Catholic Conference memo, saying, “This bill says that abortion is fundamental and thus untouchable. No regulations on abortions, ever. No parental notification for minors’ abortions, no limits on taxpayer funding of abortion, no limits on late term abortions, no informed consent for pregnant women seeking abortion.”

This proposal is unnecessary and dangerous. The council strongly opposes any expansion of abortion in New York state.

James Ammon

Knights of Columbus Council 559

Saranac Lake