The Bend subdivision approved in Tupper Lake

TUPPER LAKE – The planning board has approved a subdivision called “The Bend,” planned for 23 acres off Tamarac Drive.

Nick Brunette plans to create seven lots ranging from 1.24 to 5.11 acres. The board held a hearing on the project Wednesday night that drew only positive comments.

Rob Gillis, who was at the planning board to present on another project, said Brunette has showed him the site, and Gillis believes it will be a good project, noting it has “some really classy views.”

Town Councilwoman Patti Littlefield wished Brunette luck, saying she’s pleased with what she knows about the project and hopes it will be successful.

Brunette said he and a few planning board members walked the site earlier Wednesday.

“It looks like a beautiful piece of property,” said board member Shawn Stuart.

Board member Jim Merrihew, who also attended the walk, said the project is well thought out and should lead to some nice homes being built.

Paul O’Leary read the conditions being attached to the planning board permit, including no further development or subdivisions without returning to the planning board and other governing entities. Brunette also must construct the 1,860 feet of road he is planning before selling any lots in the subdivision, and he must build the road to town specifications, since he plans to dedicate the road to the town.

The board unanimously approved the project after hearing the conditions. Several board members wished Brunette good luck with the project.

Brunette told the planning board he got a letter from the state Adirondack Park Agency Wednesday afternoon that deemed the site wasn’t under the agency’s jurisdiction.