Kushaqua tales were much appreciated

To the editor:

Kudos to Howard Riley for his Lake Kushaqua sanatorium stories! Unearthing and printing these has been a real gift.

My grandmother, Katy Steele Carson, was mentioned, and I know her father, Benjamin Steele, was a steamfitter there. They had emigrated from the U.K. Ironically, years later, I was a lifeguard there when the White Fathers took over and created a family camp.

I had no idea of the richness of this history. It continues to make me extremely proud of my roots and the very dear people of Saranac Lake.

As an aside, I was particularly touched by the idea of a quiet time of two hours for the benefit of resting patients. As a nurse who has worked for nearly 40 years in the chaos of “modern” medicine, I thought this was particularly powerful, wise and replete with the power of healing. The only time I recall silence in my career was when 9/11 happened and there was one minute (one minute!) of silence in honor of those lost. Interesting indeed. Thank you, Howard!

Pamela Mitchell-Bernadt

Clifton Park