Trail beside rails seemed like a good idea, but …

To the editor:

I thought that a side-by-side trail was probably feasible between Lake Placid and Saranac Lake – until I actually walked the track last week between Pendergast Road and Route 86.

There are ribbons along there that show the wetland boundaries, and in most places, there does indeed seem to be sufficient area to build a side-by-side trail. However, there is one stretch of about 100 feet where there does not exist such space. If a fill of this short distance is allowed, then OK, but if not, then the side-by-side is not feasible.

In addition, as I walked the track, I noticed that about 10 percent of the crossties are in really bad condition and will soon have to be replaced.

As a result of my observations, I must come down on the side of those who want to remove the rails.

Jim Huneycutt

Property owner of land adjacent to the current railroad

Ray Brook