WMD use in Syria

To the editor:

There is mounting evidence that Syria has used sarin gas against the rebels we are backing there. The “game-changer” the president alluded to in his tough rhetoric late last year has apparently occurred.

However, some of the talking heads have suggested that it may still be inappropriate to do something about the problem. For instance, there are some in the administration who think we don’t have enough proof. There are some floating the prospect that the rebels are using the weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). I even heard one former general suggest that it may be too early to act because Syria’s use of chemical weapons was not as big as Sadam’s use of sarin against Iraqi Kurds, for instance.

The fact that fewer people have been hurt by one dictator’s use of these weapons than the other is tertiary intelligence at best. And make no mistake: Whether the rebels are using the WMDs or a rogue general, or Assad, they’re Syria’s weapons.

While we have the technology and weaponry to destroy Syria’s WMDs, we don’t have enough manpower or resources to prevent someone from bringing them to our shores by boat or plane or train, if they’re bound and determined to do so.

Using an actual WMD against Americans, on American soil, is the Holy Grail of radical Islamic terrorism. AND it will make the horrible attacks in Boston pale in comparison. Recent revelations that terrorists in Canada planned to travel by train to New York City to conduct attacks should bring this matter home for all of us because one of the most prominent trains used for travel from Canada to the Big Apple travels right through our community.

It is highly likely that WMDs will be used on American soil. It is now more likely than ever that they will be Syrian in origin. Exacerbating all of this, we still have difficulty with clear inter-agency communication within the law enforcement community. Further, there is evidence of poor intra-agency communication. We are, in fact, a ripe target – and this is known by those who would do us harm. We must intervene.

David Kimmel

Former member of the elite Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support community and a 9/11 responder