Clearing the record on St. Francis school

To the editor:

I would like to correct a misstatement of fact in an article entitled “Audit: School owner bilked state” that appeared in the April 27 issue of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. The article states that the St. Francis Academy (Camelot) in 1999 became the Mountain Lake Academy, paired with Lake Grove School. This is incorrect. The St. Francis Academy Inc. sold the facilities to the Lake Grove School and never was paired with that school.

I was the executive director of the St. Francis Academy (Camelot) at the time of the sale. The St. Francis Academy had no involvement or jurisdiction over the Mountain Lake Academy after the sale.

Thank you very much.


The Rev. Carlos J. Caguiat

Saranac Lake

(Editor’s note: We did not mean to imply that St. Francis had continued involvement with the Lake Placid facility after the sale, and we’re sorry the article was open to that interpretation.)