Respect the flag

To the editor:

The great American tradition of parades is almost upon us again. There is another great American tradition, that of respect for that which deserves it. Who can deny the stirring of the breast on hearing the marching band or seeing the flying of the American flag of the color guard smartly marching down the street leading the parade?

What is disheartening, though, is not to see respect for the flag that our veterans have fought and died for. Twenty years ago, it would be unheard of to see the flag passing and not rise to your feet and remove your hat in salute to this symbol of liberty. Today, sitting and wearing of headgear is all too commonplace on the parade routes.

Please, go, enjoy the parade, but for all veterans both alive and deceased, and all that they fought and died for, remove your hat, stand quietly with your hand over your heart, and show how much we appreciate our freedom and the symbol of that freedom in our flag – Old Glory. Long may she wave, and long may we respect her and fight for her freedom.

Richard Cutting

Essex County sheriff