Socialism didn’t work

To the editor:

In reply to Jon Hochschartner’s May 1 letter:

Please understand that it was the intention of the United States, to create a more perfect union, to decree that everyone has equal rights under the Constitution of these United States, which was written to limit the powers of government and apply powers to individuals, granting them rights endowed by their Creator.

Let me clarify the above paragraph to people like Mr. Hochschartner. The government is “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Not the government to control the people. I saw that Mr. Hochschartner had placed in his letter the website of That explains it. This country was set up under a rule of common citizens to become representatives of the populace. Whereas the people have the right to create and build businesses that belong to them, and they have the right to buy and sell products and services as they see fit, to people that wish to purchase said products and services.

Along the line, individuals that haven’t been able to make, create and manage their own businesses have become complacent and rebellious to the concept of capitalism, and have deluded themselves into believing “everything should be free.” It will never, ever work. It’s been tried in the former Soviet Union, North Korea, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and others. Now, except North Korea (which is still clinging to hatred of the West), those other nations are and have migrated to a form of capitalism TO SURVIVE in this world of buying and selling and bartering services. They’re out of money, and China is not financing them as they have in the past. This is now a new world economy, like it or not. Socialism and communism have failed.

He says the “obscenely wealthy” should be taxed more to pay for a digital conversion in private theaters and to make the theaters public so that showing movies and eating the snacks from the concessions should all be free.

The rich are parasites?

It appears that he has an issue with the “obscenely wealthy” and says they have fleets of luxury cars and boats in their driveways and marinas.

He says he plans to visit his friends and relatives in Lake Placid often this year and years beyond, and even plans to raise his future children here, in the “Rich Man’s Playground,” and he enjoys the accolades and altruistic lifestyle of the “obscenely wealthy,” yet he entreaties the same to pay more to fund cinemas that should be converted to public cinemas. His hypocrisy is apparent.

If people like Mr. Hochschartner feel that wealthy people do not deserve their riches, money, jewels, cars and boats, then he will always have a hard time living within himself.

Rich people spend money, create businesses, employ people, buy and sell at their leisure to continue the concept of free enterprise. Much like the newspaper/website that he sent his letter to, they all make money in the process. It is their right.

Try standing on the corner of Main and Broadway in Saranac Lake, and pronounce your agenda of socialism with signs and oral speeches.

See how far you get.

Tony Portello

Tupper Lake