Will hospital officials heed local concerns?

To the editor:

I attended the meeting at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts on May 1. First of all I thank the local people who had the courage to speak up and ask the questions that needed to be asked. Everyone who spoke did so respectfully, intelligently, and they had their facts to back up what they spoke about.

We were shown a slideshow of national and local figures, and yes, we all know that health care is in turmoil. Whether it be Obamacare or reductions in Medicare and Medicaid payments, all medical facilities are struggling. We get that; we don’t need to be shown it over and over again. Our concern is our critically needed emergency room in Lake Placid.

I have tried to keep up in the paper regarding comments and concerns about this issue. What concerns me the most is the lack of input from our leaders in the community. I would like to hear from the North Elba town board, the village board, ORDA (state Olympic Regional Development Authority) and the Lake Placid Convention and Visitors Bureau as to what their views are or what our options are, if any. I guess I am looking for our leaders in elected office to tell us if our concerns and, in some cases outrage, mean anything, or are all of these so-called public input meetings just smoke and mirrors trying to ease us into the transition that Adirondack Health wants? In the end, does our input mean anything?

We heard how several programs Adirondack Health has implemented in the past few years are models for others to follow. Well I challenge Chandler Ralph and the Adirondack Health board to get a new vision and become a model for the health care system by putting patient care ahead of profit.

Nancy Strack

Lake Placid