Choo-choo on that

To the editor:

My house is about 400 yards from the railroad tracks here in Macon, Ga. It’s nice to hear the sound of the train while it passes. We’ve got both rails and trails. Rail and trail people are one and the same. No conflicts of interest here.

Don’t have any fellows named Dick with hidden agendas. No “pseudo-environmentalists” telling us the trails are too wide. Nobody wanting to rip up our rails and telling us there won’t be a fight with those “P-Es” over a trail. Look around your area, snowmobilers; the fight is already on. Whose kidding who, Dick?

Hope’s alive and well here, too, but she doesn’t tell us what to do. No state trooper threatening to move if his group doesn’t get its way. Trooperman, aren’t you already getting a trail between your town and Saranac Lake? Waa, waa, baby.

Ump here referees baseball games and doesn’t waste taxpayers’ hard-earned money. My friend Rick may be opening up a can o’ worms while he’s fishing for your vote. May pierce your heart over that mine field in the process, but I know his aim for Tupper is true.

Rail and trail border the old Ocmulgee River in Macon and pass a Confederate burial site at historic Rose Hill Cemetery. Duane Allman and Barry Oakley of the Allman Brothers Band were laid to rest here, too. Underground railroad ran through this town; its sound was freedom.

I’d hate to see your hopes and dreams of both rail and trail buried. You don’t want to be enslaved by a group whose vision is very limited for the Adirondacks.

Well, I gotta go now; the train’s a comin’. Love to hear that whistle blow.

Philly Jones

Macon, Ga.