School district to cut benefits to long-term subs

TUPPER LAKE – The Tupper Lake Central School District Board of Education approved a policy change Monday night that will eliminate benefits for long-term substitute teachers.

Subs used to get pay and benefits on the first step of the teacher’s contract salary schedule, but Superintendent Seth McGowan said the district can’t afford that anymore.

“We’re really no longer in a position to be able to do that,” McGowan said.

They won’t be eligible for benefits after two months like they used to, McGowan said.

Subs earn $63 a day without a bachelor’s degree and $75 with a bachelor’s degree. Those with a bachelor’s will get a $10 a day increase after two weeks of work, and those without one will get a $5 daily increase.

A substitute must replace an absent teacher for two months before he or she is considered long-term.

The district is asking voters to approve later this month a 2013-14 budget that will exceed the state-imposed tax cap with a 8.35 percent increase in the district’s tax levy.