St. Armand wants sewer surveys returned

Town of St. Armand officials are asking their sewer district residents to return an income survey that’s needed to help finance upgrades to the town sewer system.

A total of 260 questionnaires were mailed to homeowners in the district about two weeks ago, but only 85 have been returned so far, town Clerk Davina Thurston said Monday.

“We’re going to have to knock on doors if people don’t turn these in,” Thurston said. “We have to have a certain percentage of surveys returned, and we need them back as soon as possible to meet our funding deadlines.”

The town is seeking additional funding to complement a $2 million grant it received from the state Environmental Facilities Corporation for the first phase of the sewer plant upgrades, which have an estimated cost of $4.8 million. The town has been under a state Department of Environmental Conservation consent order to repair its sewer system for several years.

The income surveys are needed, Thurston said, because the state has the town listed under a per-person income bracket that town officials believe is inaccurate.

“We’re trying to prove to them that no, that’s wrong and people here don’t make that much money and can’t afford $800 more a year on their water and sewer bills,” Thurston said. “By being able to prove we’re below that income bracket, we’ll be able to get more grants and funding for the sewer project, and then it won’t come out of the pockets of the users of the district.”

The surveys were mailed by a company called RCAP Solutions. Each contained a stamped envelope addressed to the town. Davina said the information provided won’t be seen by town officials and will be kept confidential by the company collecting the data.

For more information, contact the town at 518-891-3189.

Contact Chris Knight at 891-2600 ext. 24 or