Misjudging what good war can do

To the editor:

Just a brief comment adding on to George Bryjak’s May 1 column on the cost of the Afghan and Iraq wars. One “cost” George missed, and which I find very ironic, is that in 1987 Iraq had a Christian community of about 1.4 million. In 2003 the estimate was 1.5 million. Today the estimate is about 500,000. So under Saddam, the butcher dictator, the Christian community (estimated to date back to very early in the Christian era) was doing OK. Today, after “liberation,” the community has decreased by almost two-thirds. This was accomplished at a cost in money and lives that George outlines. As a Vietnam vet, I can only shake my head with sad, sad wonder at our continuing hubris in judging our ability to bring about positive change in the world by force of arms.

David Staszak

Saranac Lake