Lake Placid clerk applies for her job

LAKE PLACID – The village of Lake Placid is now advertising to fill its vacant clerk position. Kathyrn “Kook” McKillip, the clerk the village let go in March, has already applied for the job.

The village released the job description on Tuesday. The position is being advertised in the Enterprise and will also appear in this week’s Lake Placid News.

McKillip filed her application on April 23, according to documents shared anonymously with the Enterprise. She declined to comment on her application, saying she’s been advised by her lawyer, Jim Brooks, not to speak with the press.

Randall confirmed that McKillip was among the the eight or so applicants for the job. Most come from within the village, although a few were filed by individuals who live elsewhere.

“It’s one of the eight applications I have on record right now here, and I don’t think I can comment any further than that,” Randall said. “It will get looked at in the screening process, and the board will determine what it wants to do.”

A December 2010 audit by the state Comptroller’s Office found that McKillip paid herself more than $22,000 in leave time she hadn’t earned among many other problems in her brief time doing the treasurer’s job as well. She was later cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. So far, she’s avoided paying restitution.

Asked Wednesday where the matter with McKillip stands, Randall explained that under state Public Officers Law, she remains in office until a replacement clerk is appointed.

“That’s the way the law is written,” the mayor said. “Given those requirements, she’s on administrative leave from the village at this point until such time that there’s a replacement.”

Randall confirmed that McKillip is still receiving a paycheck from the village.

“Frankly, when (she was let go) back in March, the contemplation was that would also light a fire under the board to move along quickly here,” Randall said. “We got sidetracked a little bit with the matter of the residency law.”

The board last week decided to table the residency law for the time being and focus on hiring a new clerk.

“We are paying her, and she does remain, technically, in office,” Randall said.

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