Rescued bald eagle on the mend

PAUL SMITHS – A bald eagle that was rescued over the weekend appears to be recovering.

The injured bald eagle was found in the Massena area by a local resident, who reported it to Mark Manske, a former wildlife rehabilitator, master falconer, educator and owner of Adirondack Raptors, based in Dickinson Center.

Manske got the juvenile bird and brought it to the Paul Smith’s College VIC, where it was handed over to employees of the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge Rehabilitation Center, which is based in Wilmington.

Earlier this week, the bird appeared to be recovering and doing well, said Wendy Hall, who runs the center.

Hall said the bird had a broken wing and was treated by Plattsburgh veterinarian Eric Eaglefeather, who opened his office to treat the animal.

Hall said it was a joint effort to save the eagle and everyone involved deserved credit for their efforts.

“It’s a joint effort, and I love it when there’s joint efforts, when we all help each other and connect the dots,” she said.

She said the bird will be monitored in the coming weeks and is being kept in an enclosure with another bald eagle that is used for educational purposes.

“At this point, it’s non-releasable,” she said. “We’re just going to give it supportive care right now and then make a decision whether we are going to reset the wing or not.”