Saranac Lake Adult Center is doing what it must

To the editor:

This letter is written in response to Chris Knight’s May 3 article in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise headlined, “Seniors sound alarm over adult center.”

I was shocked to learn that Gina Norton, after her dismissal, continued to come to the Adult Center.

Standard procedure when an executive director leaves a position, whatever the reason, is that the former executive director DOES NOT, for at least a year, enter the premises nor participate in any function of their previous employer. This is accepted policy and practice for private, government, nonprofit, not-for-profit, educational, religious and volunteer organizations and agencies throughout New York state. The reasons are simple: to protect the integrity of the organization, and to avoid creating split loyalties.

The Saranac Lake Adult Center is struggling to overcome these obstacles.

Jenn Grisi, now the executive director of the Saranac Lake Adult Center, is a courageous, competent, compassionate leader. She is and will continue to provide excellent guidance to the center for this healing process.

My final comment has to do with numbers. Mr. Knight wrote of “a group of six seniors who met with the Enterprise last week.” Please note that not all of the six people who “met with the Enterprise” are actual members of the Saranac Lake Adult Center.

The total membership of the Saranac Lake Adult Center is more than 300 people. The article does not state what percentage of the 300-plus membership agrees with the points of view of the “group of six seniors,” nor whether the total membership is accurately represented by the front-page banner headline: “Seniors sound alarm over adult center.”

Respectfully submitted,

Margo Nagle

Member of the Saranac Lake Adult Center

Saranac Lake