Stand up for the U.S., State Constitution; write the media, reps

To the editor:

Well people, it is your choice. The federal and New York state governments have decided that the U.S. Constitution is dead. President Obama and governor Cuomo have been creating unconstitutional laws. ObamaCare and the New York Safe Act for starters. These laws do not conform to the the U.S. or New York state Constitutions and must be repealed if this country is the remain free.

It is up to you to put a stop to these people who lie under oath as Obama did swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution to the best of there ability so help him God and Andrew Cuomo swore to uphold the Constitution so help him God. It is your choice now.

Be at the rally in Albany on May 21. Also, contact your representatives and let them know how you feel. Freedom or communism? It is your choice! Time to make the government do the right thing!


Ken Blankenbush-(518) 455-5797

Sheldon Silver-(518)-455-3791

Addie J. Russell-(518) 455-5545


Joseph A. Griffo-(518) 455-3334

Patty Ritchie-(518) 455-3438

Dean G. Skelos-(518) 455-3171

Also consider writing a letter to the editor that targets our weak kneed representatives. Send it to one of our local news media:

Utica Observer Dispatch-200 word limit:

Adirondack Daily Enterprise- 500 word limit:

Watertown Daily Times-400 word limit:

Plattsburg Press Republican-300 word limit:

North Country Now-150 word limit:

Syracuse Post-Standard- 250 word limit:

Arnold Widrick Jr.