Dismayed by actions of some at Adult Center

To the editor:

I was glad to see Margo Nagle’s May 10 letter about the Saranac Lake Adult Center and how it was following correct procedure in not allowing the former director to participate in the center’s activities for at least a year. I do not know Gina Norton and do not know the particulars of her dismissal. However, I am a member of the center and am dismayed by what I’ve read in the Enterprise about the actions of some members in their refusal to accept the change in leadership.

The center is a wonderful facility that offers us seniors a place to gather and share in activities. I joined to be able to use the gym equipment, an incredible bargain at $35 a year! The thought that people are staying away from the center in protest only hurts those seniors. The center will live on as new seniors join and enjoy its activities.

In addition, I have known Jenn Grisi for at least 10 years and have found her to be, without exception, an honest, capable, and extremely hard-working person. I thought it was a stroke of genius for the center to hire her. I wish her well in dealing with the many hurdles of her new job. I know she is well-equipped to handle its challenges.

Janis Beatty

Saranac Lake