Why make a local law about livestock?

To the editor:

I want to say a little something about what our community development director is proposing as “new law” on barnyard animals and the regulation thereof.

I do understand why we need some kind of regulation when things seem to be “out of hand.” I, however, don’t see a need for the regulation that is given to the residents of the village of Saranac Lake by the community development director in recent months. After all, Mr. Evans is supposed to be a community developer, right? Not a community regulator!

I want anyone out there to give me an example of new tax base that has entered our village in the last 10 years. Be my guest. I know Saranac Lake has laws to protect its beauty, which can be subjective in everyone’s eyes, but I believe it is getting out of hand.

With the new comprehensive plan and code being built on a state grant (which ties us down some), I don’t believe that we need our community development director suggesting the creation of the amount of regulation that ties people down and fines them unwanted fees!

We do want Saranac Lake to grow, right? Maybe it’s time for us to grow and not worry so much about a worst-case scenario on non-issues to create new regulation and law.

Who the hell would get a pig in spite of their neighbor?!

I’ve been here more than 47 years and have seen Saranac Lake get crippled by demolition of its tax base. Time to actually grow, folks.


Shawn Boyer

Saranac Lake