Adult Center questions need answering

To the editor:

I, too, am dismayed by what is happening at the Saranac Lake Adult Center. Just because people do not think the same and support the same issues is no reason why they should be treated badly. The SLAC Board should listen to every member’s concerns and not walk away because they continue to ask questions that make you uncomfortable. It is my opinion that the issue of Gina being banned should be answered honestly and directly – and at the board meeting – not stock answers decided upon by a few. The truth is all they are seeking.

I do support the center and its present director, but I do not support the childish game-playing occurring and keeping everyone upset. Be smart about it: Prepare a statement, answer honest questions, and move on. We deserve to know why the board took such a serious step and what the plans are for the future.

I, for one, will feel comfortable at the center when I can return knowing the past is behind us. Stop treating us like children who need to be told what is right for us to know. We are seniors and wise enough to figure things out once we have the information.

I am sure the board worked very hard to make such a difficult decision – so tell us about it and stop the mystery. They are only looking for the facts.

Joan A. Hutson

A senior and member

Saranac Lake