Downtown Saranac Lake questions

To the editor:

Summer approaches, finally. Soon the town will have its farmers market, antique-seeking tourists and slow-going pontoon boats lazily laughing through the lochs. So as I drive by the latest installment of changes to the town, a few thoughts have emerged.

First, being as this is a bit of a tourist town, does anyone find it disappointing that instead of putting down the somewhat elegant-looking paver stones (in front of Sears), the village is pouring common concrete?

Second, it seems as though Wilson Farms has been called “the eyesore of Main Street,” and yet right there beneath the traffic light is a pothole the size of Paul Bunyan’s footprint, complete with yesteryear’s cobblestone. How can anyone complain about the smell of someone’s breath while chewing on garlic? Sigh.

At least there are half a million traffic cones to remind us of how important these new changes are.

Jason G. Smith

Saranac Lake