Hospital thanks

To the editor:

While I was in the hospital for six days, Dr. Adam Abadeely was my doctor. He helped me a lot, and so did the entire staff of Adirondack Health, who were all very kind.

The nurses gave me the best of care, and I want to thank them all by name: Chad, Christia, Sue, Noelle, Jeff, John Paul, Lucy, Manny, Shawn, Heather, Shane, Maryann, Kayla, Laura, Carolyn, Lin, Nikki, Brittney, Patti, Sam and Amy. I also want to thank those in the operating room and the Franklin County Public Health services for helping me.

I enjoyed all the get-well cards, flowers, prayers and visitors. I appreciated everything you did for me.

Thank you,

Shirley Hosler

Saranac Lake