Wonderful artwork prompts local pride

“Tupper Lake Through My Eyes,” a photo contest organized by the Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce, was a great idea that produced extraordinary results. The photos, which you should check out on the chamber’s online slide show at www.tupper-lake.com, are beautiful and invigorating.

What better task for a chamber of commerce to take on than to show, in a simple and broadly accessible way, how wonderful the local area is? This was a home run in that regard, and what’s better is that the photos were generally taken by local people. This is what locals see when they look around their hometown, and it makes others want to go there for those views.

Also, it was an inexpensive undertaking – a whole lot of bang for the buck – which makes it even more of a success for a chamber that’s been strapped for cash in recent years.

We congratulate the winners: Nicholas Moeller, Tracey Thomas and Jennifer Barrows-Garvey.

Excellent work all around.

Student art shows

Continuing with the creative, “through my eyes” theme, the recent round of local student art displays have been wonderful. School voters in Tupper Lake and Lake Placid got to see the fine work of students there, but if you didn’t stop into the Harrietstown Town Hall auditorium to see the Saranac Lake High School Art Show, which was taken down Thursday, you missed something special. The quantity and quality of the work was really kind of mind-blowing – as it is every year. It really shows how important the arts are to this village. We’ll run a picture page of the winners tomorrow.

You still have a brief window of time to see elementary school student art from around the North Country at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts – but only through Sunday afternoon. It’s well worth the visit and doesn’t cost anything, so duck in and spend a few minutes. You’ll be glad you did.

Arts in the Park

There’s much more excellent local art to look forward to all summer long, and you can read about it in the fifth annual Arts in the Park guide, inserted in today’s Enterprise. We are extremely grateful to the wonderful art producers of this area who have done so much to enliven our senses and enhance our lives.