Autoroute 30 an alternative way to Montreal

Several weeks ago in this weekly article on traffic law and traffic safety, I discussed how the on-going reconstruction of the Mercier Bridge to Montreal would affect traffic this summer. The day that article ran, I received an email from Elizabeth Weissman suggesting that I should have included the newly opened “AutoRoute 30” as a good alternative route to Montreal, and especially to the P-E Trudeau Airport in Dorval.

AutoRoute 30, completed in December 2012, was built to relieve traffic congestion in the Montreal area by providing an alternative route via a southern bypass road. Highway 30 will also help free up traffic on Quebec Routes 132 and 121. The completion of AutoRoute 30 as a southern bypass was intended to better integrate greater Montreal’s network of auto routes, significantly reduce transit time to and through the region, boost economic activity in Monteregie, and improve access to Ontario (via Ontario highways 401 and 417) and the U.S. (via Interstates 87 and 89).

AutoRoute 30 can be used to access the Montreal airport and downtown from Franklin County by going to Valleyfield, Quebec via Huntingdon. As soon as you reach the Valleyfield side of the bridge over the St. Lawrence Seaway, you can access AutoRoute 530 (well signed) which will take you to an interchange with A-30. Take A-30 toward Dorion and Vaudreuil to a new interchange with AutoRoute 20. Take A-20 east toward Dorion and Montreal, including the P-E Trudeau Airport and all points in Montreal. This route is approximately 10 miles longer than the normal Route 138 across the Mercier Bridge and added 15-30 minutes to the trip, but it avoids the congested areas and traffic signals of Sainte Martine, Mercier and Chateauguay, Quebec. Be advised there is a toll of $1.50.

If you are headed to the east of Montreal and the “Townships”, access A-30 at an interchange with Route 138 in Chateauguay, Quebec. This is an excellent way to avoid the city and the Mercier Bridge by staying on the south side of the St. Lawrence River to an interchange with AutoRoute 15 (the main route between Plattsburgh and Montreal), or beyond to an interchange with AutoRoute 20 on the east side of the city. Continuing on A-30 will get you all the way to Sorel, Quebec.

For an interactive map of AutoRoute 30, go to

Thanks go to Elizabeth Weissman for suggesting this alternative route to Montreal.

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