Sidewalk project seems wasteful

To the editor:

From the village to the state, perfectly good sidewalks are being torn up and replaced with new concrete. Granted, we do have some very deteriorated sidewalks that need replacing, but a lot of the work going on downtown seems excessive. I’ve heard the work is to make them more accessible to the handicapped, which is a good thing. I applaud that.

My reason for this small tirade is the fact that you can’t drive from one end of town to the other without risking damage to some part of your vehicle. Did they stop making blacktop for patching potholes? The main intersection in the village at the town hall is a good case in point. How many times do you patch over the bricks before you do it right. Do it now while traffic is as screwed up as it will ever be. And if the village uses the excuse that it is the Department of Transportation’s job to fix the problems, get DOT to fix them. Fixing the railroad crossing on Pine Street wouldn’t hurt, either.

James M. Sayles

Saranac Lake