AMC may need new oversight

To the editor:

I attended the meeting two weeks ago at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts concerning the proposed closure of the emergency room in Lake Placid, hoping to get a rationale for the closure.

In the meeting it became clear that the hospital’s acquisition of the Uihlein nursing home caused a loss of capital because it is was not a financially viable institution. The acquisition clearly has harmed the overall financial health of the hospital. In addition to closing the ER, a plan was presented to move most of what happens at the present Lake Placid campus to Uihlein. Given the acquisition of Uihlein, the ability of the present management team to continue to act as a steward for the hospital has to be called into question. Perhaps it is time for a fresh management team to review the plans for Adirondack Medical Center and to develop plans which do not encompass a closure of the ER.

Carl Tropper

Lake Placid