Petrova Science Fair thanks

To the editor:

On May 22, Petrova Elementary School had its annual Science Fair. The Science Fair was a huge success thanks to students, teaches, families and local scientists!

We want to pass along our appreciation to the local scientists and middle school students who came to speak with our students. Thank you to Eric Damour, Laurie Stephen and Ashley Fletcher from Myraid RBM; David Gardner from Project A.S.A.P.; David Patrick from Paul Smith’s College; Andrea Cooper from Trudeau Institute; Maureen Gilmore, Jada Meadows, Taylor Hesseltine, Hayden Hartman and P.J. Buck from the Saranac Lake Middle School.

Thank you to all the classroom teachers at Petrova Elementary School who created an opportunity for students to establish a question, do the research and perform their project in the classroom in front of their peers.


Joshua Dann

Gary Baldwin

Petrova Elementary School

Sarsnac Lake