Rules about chickens are needed

To the editor:

Given the recent discussion about livestock in residential areas, I feel the need to comment.

Firstly, there should be some rules pertaining to the number of chickens allowed on one property and the amount of space on which these chickens reside. If there are no rules or regs in place, anyone can and WILL have as many chickens as they want, not to mention other animals. If you want to have a lot of animals, buy a farm!

Secondly, where do the feces go? Sure, you can compost the manure, but shouldn’t there be some rules as to where and how much feces can be allowed in one area? Especially a residential one? I think the smell of chicken feces on a hot summer day would be enough to force anyone out of an area and impede good growth. Have you smelled chicken feces?! It burns your nose and renders your yard useless for any activity. What about my freedom and those who live in the vicinity of these “farms?”

A little proactivity in this area is not such a bad thing. No one wants to tell people what to do, but the problem will get out of hand if there is no legal recourse to address problems as they come up, and they WILL come up.

I admire those who wish to know where their food comes from, but let’s do it sensibly! There is no defense against foul odor, carcasses and other general stink and filth that come from a poorly managed “farm” in a residential area. One cannot easily escape it, and aside from litigation, government is the only channel by which one can address the issue.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard F. Stavenhagen