Extend 6er poetry idea to adults

To the editor:

The ADE surpassed a milestone yesterday: two linkage recommendations to my Facebook wall in one issue.

The quoted exchanges during the most recent Tupper Lake school board meeting show grassroots democracy at its best, and how conflict can be healthy to examine change. As a onetime educator, I was stimulated to bring my own experiences into the conversation, and that’s how such forums are supposed to work.

Then I read Christy Fontana’s letter publicizing the “six peaks, six poems” contest. Here’s what I wrote in my Facebook recommendation:

“What a cool idea! Makes me want to go there and see what each mountain says to me. Like I need an excuse!!!!”

This got me to thinking about all the clever ideas to promote tourism generated by the “six peaks” theme. As I read on, I discovered the contest had been for fourth- and fifth-graders. Since living in Taos, I have been actively promoting slam poetry and so have gone to many a dynamic and stimulating slam that drew crowds to local, regional and statewide events.

Tomorrow (May 31) I am going to the Verse Converse Poetry Festival, which draws people of all stripes and ages from across the United States. I chose my favorite from three days of activities and made my reservations early because the ol’ Taos Mesa Brewery will be chock-full of people of all ages looking for a rollicking good time.

Please consider building on Christy’s idea and giving the theme of “Six Peaks, Six Poems” to an adult contest. There are thousands like me who miss the Adirondacks so much, that’s all they’d need to head to the mountains. What a great fall festival or, better yet, spring festival, when people are itching to get outdoors and have had a long winter to sit at a table and write about last summer’s pilgrimage.

Ken Youngblood

Taos, N.M.