Why Tupper Lake?

To the editor:

Friends ask us, “Why Tupper Lake? And where is it?” They’re shocked that we would give up our beautiful home of 16 years on the water in Provincetown, Mass., to come to a place where they fear gay people might not feel welcome. We tell them that we’re ready for one last adventure and that we want to make a positive difference in the renewal of this charming lakeside community. We are bound to run into people who don’t like or trust us because we’re gay, but we feel that’s their loss.

Ray and I have been together for 37 years, have lived in some of the most beautiful places in the country and been to many of the most talked-about places in the world. Some of our fondest memories, though, are from our time at my grandparents’ simple camp on Pleasant Pond in Deerfield, N.H. We love the smell of pine needles, the taste of fresh water and the magic of bird and animal life. We also are very drawn by the honesty, decency and hard-working nature of small-town environments. We’re particularly attracted to the stability of family, in whatever form it takes. Ray and I are both Midwesterners from families of seven children.

We’re big supporters of the Adirondack Club and Resort, have donated money to the project, want to know how our talents can be best used, and are encouraging our friends to follow us to the Adirondacks to buy homes, start businesses and participate in Tupper Lake’s Renaissance. I’m a corporate diversity trainer and author, and Ray is a retired investment banker. We’re planning on having our family members and good friends, young and old, visit us here, see the potential for growth, and be as taken with the beauty of the people and the terrain as we are.

We have been welcomed by everyone we’ve met at the grocery store, hardware store and drug store since arriving. We’ve been included in a wonderful family Memorial Day cookout, have been treated to a boat tour of beautiful Saranac Lake and have been generously given a jar of delicious local honey. We’ve been here just a week, but we already feel at home. In answer to our friends’ question, that’s why we chose Tupper Lake.

Brian McNaught

Tupper Lake